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Sponsors Feature

We would like to make a special mention to all other sponsors who made this event a success. AZALLEA ARTISTRY Azallea Artistry for the beautiful corsages for authors and Team Oumiworks. Such love and care put into the crafting of the corsages. They truly make unique gifts! Founder, Ms Rohani and her magic fingers 😉 , […]

Sponsor Feature – Dewi & Soap

  We had the pleasure of having Dewi & Soap as our  sponsor. Ms Dewi Mawardi is the owner of this wonder hand-crafted soap boutique. We love the personalised On Purpose soaps that she made. They’re so beautiful! Also thank you for the providing miniature soaps that came in different shapes and sizes. We’re sure […]

Sponsor Feature – Bee’s Catering

No one was spared when the buffet line was open. Everyone was drawn by the intoxicating aroma coming from one of the chafing dishes. The featured dish that got everyone raving was the Mee hoon Briyani. The guests were lucky to have tasted this dish that is only served at Saffrons Cafeteria by Bee’s Catering during […]

Entrepreneur Spotlight #1, Strawberries & Co.

Strawberries & Co founder/owner Jamila Houchar was in town to conduct her first international class at Sweetness Cakes on her signature strawberry towers. She was kind enough to accept our invite to share her business and motherhood journey. Her sharing about what got her started and what it took for her to be here was heartfelt and left the […]

#SelfMastery II

Everyday NLP Tips 2/10 “Have a break, have a …” Often time when we’re feeling down, angry or anything negative (which of course naturally happens to the best of us) it gets Really Hard to get off that sadness and anger.  We let horrible thoughts plague our minds, think up of more worst case scenarios, […]