Sponsors Feature

We would like to make a special mention to all other sponsors who made this event a success.


Azallea Artistry for the beautiful corsages for authors and Team Oumiworks. Such love and care put into the crafting of the corsages. They truly make unique gifts! Founder, Ms Rohani and her magic fingers 😉 , make exquisite handmade crafts such as flower bouquets,quiet books, especially this one that went viral!  The details that went into it are truly breathtaking! She conducts crafting classes too. Do visit Azallea Crafts for updates on class schedules or other bespoke enquiries.




Sometimes it’s in the little touch that makes a big impact. We love the giant balloon decor that was provided by Ms Marliana of SNAP BALLOON & PARTY SERVICES. All fine details that went into creating the tassels for the giant balloons were really beautiful. For your next party or event, consider using giant balloons to create a stunning look!

SNAP Balloon



Thank you Ms Ain of Foto2Studio for covering the live events at the book launch! The guests had so much fun at the Photobooth they provided! Just take a look at the quirky photos here! We love how fast the photos were printed after they’re photographed! Foto2Studio also specialises in studio and event photography. Thank you so much Foto2Studio!

foto2     fotostudio



Exceptionally gorgeous gift baskets were presented to all our authors! They were meticulously created by the founder herself, Ms Yana Jabar of Hadia & Co. Each author received personalised gift basket that featured gifts related to their trade. Kudos to Ms Yana, everyone was bowled over by her creativity. To discuss creating a personalised gift for a loved one, do contact her here.





We always love working with Ms Annette Wong! Her forte is in natural light photography and the images she captures truly takes your breath away! Annette has a keen eye for detail and somehow manages to capture the right moment in an event! We can’t wait to receive her perfectly edited photos! Such dedication and love 🙂 Do contact her  to engage her photography services for your family portraits or special events.




*more photos will be uploaded soon 





Sponsor Feature – Dewi & Soap


We had the pleasure of having Dewi & Soap as our  sponsor. Ms Dewi Mawardi is the owner of this wonder hand-crafted soap boutique. We love the personalised On Purpose soaps that she made. They’re so beautiful! Also thank you for the providing miniature soaps that came in different shapes and sizes. We’re sure our guests love them and they will definitely come in handy!

If you have an event coming up or a special occasion, do consider to get these beautiful custom soaps from Dewi & Soap. They are free from harmful chemicals and 100% homemade!


soap1 soap2  soap3


Sponsor Feature – Bee’s Catering

No one was spared when the buffet line was open. Everyone was drawn by the intoxicating aroma coming from one of the chafing dishes. The featured dish that got everyone raving was the Mee hoon Briyani.

The guests were lucky to have tasted this dish that is only served at Saffrons Cafeteria by Bee’s Catering during the month of Ramadan. As one of our Platinum Sponsors at the Book Launch for On Purpose, everyone had raving reviews for this dish! The owner of Saffrons Cafeteria and Bee’s Catering is none other than Mdm Beevi Ayoob. She is also one of the authors for On Purpose.

Bee’s catering provides end to end event management for weddings and provides catering for your events.  Do contact Mdm Beevi at 9185 0954 for all enquiries.

Watch Mr Sujimy Mohamad’s vlog inteview with Mdm Beevi at the book launch.


More photos will be uploaded


Sponsor Feature – Trejoy Pte Ltd


We had the pleasure of having Trejoy Pte Ltd as one of our Platinum Sponsors at the Book Launch for On Purpose. They were very generous in quenching the thirst of all our attendees with Teh Botol drinks !

Mr Francis Tan receiving the sponsor token of appreciation.

Mr Francis Tan receiving the sponsor token of appreciation.











Mr Francis Tan, the director of Trejoy Pte Ltd, was there to lovingly serve the drinks for our guests. The great thing about Teh Botol drinks, is that they come in various flavours and packaging. From tetra packs, to glass bottles or plastic ones, there is one that is suitable for your event!

Various types of drinks by Teh Botol

Various types of drinks by Teh Botol

tehbotol02   tehbotol04    tehbotol01


They also provide customisation too! Check out how this couple who used Teh Botol as their door gift on their wedding day!

tehbotol2 tehbotol1


And if you would like to order for your home or office, do visit their store on Qoo10.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 12.53.08 pm


Contact Mr Francis Tan of Trejoy Pte Ltd at +6590608936 or email : sales@trejoy.com to discuss the best option to have for your event.

Trejoy Pte Ltd is the sole distributor for Teh Botol Singapore.


Click here for more photos of the event.




Book Launch

It was a magical night to remember! The authors of On Purpose were there to celebrate the book launch at The Pod, National Library Board on 18 April 2016. Thank you NLB for the fantastic venue!

A 130 crowd attendees that included the authors, guests, VIPs and the media were present. We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to our sponsors for making the event a success:

Bee’s Catering

Teh Sosro

Dewi & Soap

Snap Balloon and Party Services

Azallea Artistry 


Hadia & Co.

Annette Wong Photography 

Look out for our next post as we feature our wonderful sponsors! If you’d like to get the book, you can do so via think link.


Entrepreneur Spotlight #1, Strawberries & Co.

Strawberries & Co founder/owner Jamila Houchar was in town to conduct her first international class at Sweetness Cakes on her signature strawberry towers. She was kind enough to accept our invite to share her business and motherhood journey. Her sharing about what got her started and what it took for her to be here was heartfelt and left the audience inspired.

The event was organized by Oumiworks, supported by YEN and took place at the spectacular Fika Swedish Café (folks are still raving about their amazing cakes!)

In this three-part series, here’s some of the lessons that resonated with me from the Entrepreneur Spotlight on March 23 :

Determination & Drive

The road ahead when you are just beginning is not going to be a walk in the park. You need 100% determination and another 100% drive to push through the slow days. It might be one year (as in her case) or more, but you have to strive through.

Your first instinct will be to give up and throw in the towel. Maybe it’s inbred in us females to raise the white flag as soon as things get rough; maybe its our cultural upbringing that stops us from persevering. But this is where we should change the narrative for ourselves. Push through. Strive through. Do not give up. Do not give in to the negativity. Often times, it’s our own insecurities that stop us from realizing our through potential.


“Deriving the strength to do something through one’s own thoughts andbased on the belief that one knows what is best for oneself”

Armed with sheer determination, step outside your comfort zone and do something for yourself, without any judgement or self-doubt.


As with any kind of business, you need to sacrifice your time. You can’t be at every single family function/wedding. You need time to hone your craft and fulfill your commitments and obligations to your clients.

This will also encroach on your family time. You might have feelings of guilt that you are not spending enough time with your children/family. However, you are teaching your children an invaluable lesson first hand; something that they will never learn in the classroom or text books.

Commitment in that you are in this 100% and won’t back away from any obligation.

Hard work in everything you do pays off in heaps and bounds.

Ability to harness your inner strength to strive through hard times.

And especially for daughters, she will learn first hand from her mother that she can be all of that and be confident without any self doubt. She will see that she can carve her own identity, She can see that she can become someone other than just a daughter, wife or mother.

Hobby vs Passion

With all these talk about being driven and committed, you need to ask yourself this question. Am I doing this as a hobby? Or do I want to pursue this wholeheartedly?

It’s okay if is just a hobby. It is something that’s uniquely yours and you can call your own. If you want it to be bigger than yourself, you need to roll up your sleeves and be prepared to immerse yourself into it.


Surround yourself with an awesome team of people that you trust and can help you. When you loosen the reigns, the work will be more manageable ad you will be able to breathe better.


Adapted from the blog Macarons by Farha, by Farha Bamadhaj.