1. You want to create FB ads but you are afraid ?

Afraid that it may not work for you.

Afraid of uncertainties that come with it.

Afraid that you could be wasting your money.

2. You are fumbling with your FB ads without positive results ?

For some of you, you are spending so much time with your FB ads that you do not even know what is working anymore.


We hate to say it, but Facebook makes it extremely easy for you to spend money but you may not see a worthwhile Return Of Investment.

#1 Mistake that most people make is using the blue “Boost Post” button.


Trust us on this one. Not yet until you have found your good performing audience.

And if you are still sitting there and thinking ” I don’t get it “, listen up.

Facebook advertising is all about your AUDIENCE. If you target your audience properly and specifically, everything else will fall into place. In other words, if your offer is placed in front of the RIGHT AUDIENCE, you will be able to see a better result.

In our upcoming FB Ads Onslaught Course, we will teach you on how to find your RIGHT AUDIENCE. 

You will be glad to know that there is a simple way to approach and craft your FB Ads.

This workshop can help you save time and money, takes out all the guess work in crafting your ads.

Advertising your business on Facebook can really be affordable. It takes time to master:

  • the art of audience targeting
  • tracking and improve your conversions
  • finding that perfect ad copy or image

It takes trial and error. And Facebook’s making money off your learning curve and your mistakes.

So before you spend more on FB ads blindly, fast track that learning curve and enrol in our course now. Register below.

The course is created after  years of experience in creating and managing hundreds of FB Ads. The course is:
  • strategic
  • smart
  • easy to follow
  • focused on detailed ad creation
  • seamless audience targeting
  • ruthless optimization
Basically it’s the kind of training that only an ad strategist can create.

About The Course – FB Ads Onslaught

FACEBOOK ADS ONSLAUGHT is for mumpreneurs, solopreneurs and SMEs who want to get more leads and customers through Facebook Ads. 

Benefits of the programme :-

1. Increase your business Brand Awareness

2. Increase the number of leads you receive for your product and services

3. Increase your ability and competency to optimize your FB Ads

In our FB Ads Onslaught Course, you will learn :-

  1. How to create your FB Ads with confidence
  2. How to  plan and create an effective FB Ads campaign without bursting your budget

Not only that…

  1. You will learn how to find your target customers more effectively
  2. You will learn how to create a marketing funnel to match your customers buying journey
  3. You will learn how to read your FB Ads performance data and how to interpret them confidently.
  4. You will understand that you do not need to throw thousands of dollars on FB Ads
  5. You will understand the bigger picture in making FB Ads for your business.

Course Details

  • 8 hours session

  • 9am – 5pm

  • $399 per participant (enquire for team member discount)

  • SkillsFuture Credit claimable

  • PIC claimable (subjected to eligibility)

  • You will be added into FB ADS ONSLAUGHT secret group on Facebook for continuous support and learning.

Provides easy digestible information. Information that can be applied immediately! 

Good balance of theory and practical information! 

Faten Bamadhaj Founder, Petite Dress Boutique

Nazrin was very experienced, provided clear explanation and patient. Good knowledge and on point delivery. 

Norhayati AbdullahChurros Temptations

About the trainer

Nazrin’s expertise is in helping entrepreneurs maximizing their sales through Facebook Advertising. His extensive experience both as an entrepreneur for his video services company, Orangefill, and motorcycle towing company, Orange Recovery and Transport Services.

As an analytical practitioner of Facebook Advertising himself, he has helped many companies to grow their businesses.  He is a man on a mission to help businesses thrive on the digital economy!

Course Outline:

1. To equip participants with an understanding of paid Facebook advertising platform.

2. To enable participants to create their Facebook ads with confidence.

3. To enable participants to generate a higher return on investment (ROI) from their Facebook marketing campaigns

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the psychology of a buyer/customer
  • Learn how to create a funnel
  • Understand the Facebook Ad Anatomy – The difference between Profiling and Intent
  • How to laser target your target and preferred customers
  • Learn how to set the advertising budget
  • Make your own FB Ads with informed knowledge and confidence
  • Learn copy writing format to encourage action taken by customers
  • Track and monitor your Facebook ad metrics and data performance
  • Optimize your Facebook ads for the best performance


Success Stories

Makes us comfortable when pointing out our flaws as he wishes to help us improve. Very generous with resources & information. His hands-on demonstration was priceless as we finally get to see how it is done, not just in theory. 

Amina Ehsan SaaidMarketing Executive, Saffrons Restaurant Pte Ltd

He’s very detailed and delivery was good.  I’m able to understand FB ads better and know how to use it effectively. Lots of other knowledge gained as well.

Asryna YahyaFounder, , Aynaa

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