#SelfMastery II

Everyday NLP Tips 2/10
“Have a break, have a …”
Often time when we’re feeling down, angry or anything negative (which of course naturally happens to the best of us) it gets Really Hard to get off that sadness and anger. 

We let horrible thoughts plague our minds, think up of more worst case scenarios, listen to sappy sad songs and the list goes on. 

Here’s a quick trick to stop yourself from plummeting down that rabbit hole of infinite sadness. Nope, ice-cream doesn’t help.

In NLP, there is a technique called ‘break state’. It is a rapid change technique that helps you focus your mind on to something else. 

Suppose you are about to cry your heart out over being reprimanded by your boss earlier in the day. Instead of allowing yourself to get into the negativity zone, you simply get up and jump! Or get up and make coffee, sing a song, laugh out loud, dance – anything positive that is totally different from your current state of sadness – break state

It’s this sudden jerk or burst of energy that you do that will jolt yourself into feeling something positive. 

You will quickly realise that you have helped yourself from sabotaging your moods into spiraling downwards. I guarantee you will feel better. 

Easy, just break state.

And what happens when you allow yourself to wallow in self-pity or seethe in anger? You’re re-affirming all the negative traits to your subconscious. We definitely don’t want that to happen! 

Take control of your emotions, take control of your life. Have a break(state)! Wohoo!

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