Everyday NLP Tips 1/10

When we let our emotions control us,
We get defensive and ..
angry easily..




And the list goes on…
We allow whatever negativity there is attached to the emotion to be ‘true’ and our minds will confirm it. It becomes a belief. 

When someone, anyone says something to us that makes us wince…
Makes us grit our teeth…

Makes us launch into a screaming battle in our heads…
And then we respond in a defensive manner, with raised voices or weak comebacks…

We are allowing emotions to rule us. That’s where everything goes ‘kaboom’! ? because it will not just stop there. 

We will remember what was said and the way it made us feel. Emotional baggage. 

How do we control these raging emotions?

Easy but it takes practice. To detach our emotions from taking over us simply say, to the offending person: 

‘Thank you for sharing.’ 

No other ‘buts’ or ‘ifs’ necessary. No rebuttal, no explanations needed. 
This should be on repeat mode. 

By saying this we are training ourselves to keep our emotions in check and keep us in balance. 

Try it, the next time your friend, a relative, your co-worker or your mom(!) ‘annoys’ you with a silly comment… 

Just say …

Thank you for sharing.
(and smile) 🙂 


Nur Sobah

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