In a recent interview, Liz Gilbert, famed author of Eat, Pray, Love said that ‘following your passion’ is such a misconstrued theory.

“Finding your true purpose is about finding which flavor of sh@t sandwich you’re really in for.

Every pursuit, no matter how exciting it is, how glamorous it is how much you were born to do it, comes with a sh@t sandwich. 

 The question is, not what do I love. But what do I love SO much that I don’t mind eating the sh@t sandwich that comes along with that thing?”

And for her, to fuel her passion of being a writer, she had to take on other menial jobs to supplement her income. That and bad reviews from critics.  It took her 7 years, SEVEN, before churning out a bestseller, Eat Pray Love.

This really puts things into perspective. I’ve had to cautiously refrain myself from dishing out such advice. What may seem glamorous might be irresponsible. As a young adult, without any responsibilities of mortgage, child support, education, all is fine should they pursue one passion after the other.

But for a woman having the shared or sole responsibility to put food on the table and mouths of young to feed, the effects of throwing caution to the wind of ‘following thy passion’ can be disastrous.

What is a woman to do then? Here’s how a coach can help. Be it a career, life or business coach, they help in not giving the answers but in facilitating us – to find clarity in achieving our personal or professional goals.

So what is it that you long for, that you would like to be able to express in or work or business. Drop me a line. 🙂

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